Fun with Cousins

I love these little people! My cousins are all such cool kids – I only wish we got to spend more time with them. We had a blast with them last weekend. Check out photos here and here from last year’s get-together.

IMG_8900 copy

IMG_8904 copy

IMG_8916 copy

IMG_8927 copy

IMG_8940 copy

IMG_8911 copy
People tell me she’ll get hair in the front some day, too.

Landon | Children’s Portraits

This handsome guy is starting kindergarten in the fall! He started out a little shy, but it turn’s out he has a great smile. He looks like he could be modeling for Children’s Place in a couple of these shots. What a fun, cute, kid! These were taken at Crown Center in Kansas City.

IMG_6156 copy

IMG_6169 copy

IMG_6180 copy

IMG_6193 copy

Photo(s) of the Day: If It’s Not Broke … I’ll Get To It

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our niece’s 7th birthday. She chose a peace sign/rainbow cake and practically got a whole new bedroom – a full-sized bed, psychedelic bedding, and a lava lamp. Reminds me of when I was her age! (And no, it wasn’t the 70s.)

Her little brother was wearing a shirt absolutely fitting for him: “If It’s Not Broke … I’ll Get to It.”

Photo of the Day: Monkey Hands

Monkey bars were most definitely not my favorite piece of playground equipment growing up. In fact, I couldn’t even hold myself up to make my way across them. A couple of days ago, my husband and I took a moment on our walk to play on the monkey bars at a nearby park since there were no kids in sight. Much to my satisfaction, I can now monkey across them. (Is that the right verbiage?)

Crossing the monkey bars

Project 52 Week 35: Faces of Innocence

We had a big family get together at my parents’ house this weekend, using my cousin’s 30th birthday as a great excuse to hang out. With 10 little ones in the family, we were grateful for a gorgeous day so we could play outside. As usual, I couldn’t pick one favorite photo. All of my cousins are so cute!

Baby Samantha, 3 months old, likes to stare me down. (Maybe it’s the camera.)
Blake, 1 1/2 years old, was my buddy for the day.
Izac always looks like he is pondering something.
Emily loves to climb and dangle from trees, reminding me of a monkey.

Day 106: Speed Demon

We spent yesterday evening hanging out with my cousins and their kiddos. Kids are so photogenic, so it was really hard to pick out a favorite photo. I chose this one because I love Taylor’s facial expression as she flies down the driveway on her trike.

Canon 60d
1/50 sec., f/5.0, ISO 640
18-200 mm lens (50 mm), natural light