Family Fun Day

I’ve been busy editing portrait sessions, so I just now got around to editing personal photos from last weekend. I had Friday off work for Independence Day, so we had a busy day with family and friends. We started the morning off at Deanna Rose Farmstead. To my surprise, Lil’ Miss K had no fear feeding the ducks or goats. She let those goat gobble pellets right out of her hand! She even speaks their language – she kept yelling “baa!” at them.

After that we drove to my in-laws’ a few hours away, where we visited my husband’s grandma in the nursing home and went to a fun park in Independence, Kansas. Lil’ Miss K had a blast riding the carousel and train, which cost a whopping nickel and a quarter each. Nothing like good ol’ fashioned family fun!

(I was having so much fun being Mommy that I really slacked in the photographer department. I kept handing my camera to my husband all day – so thanks to him and my brother-in-law Matt for these photos.)

IMG_7980 copy

IMG_7988 copy

IMG_7986 copy

IMG_8001 copy

IMG_8020 copy
Waiting in line for the carousel with Grandma
IMG_8038 copy
She’s saying “more, more?”

Impromptu Independence Day Photo Shoot

I was so excited that my good friend and blogger Mandy, and her husband David, joined us for our family Fourth of July celebration this year! On a whim, what turned out to be a photo of Baby K and me, turned into a mini family photo shoot. Most of these were taken by Mandy – thanks, friend!

We’re all smiling at the same time – nice work, Mandy!
“Daddy’s better at flying me through the air than you, Mommy.”
Pretty cute in her red bow.
She chews on everything she can get her mouth on – especially our shoulders.
Baby K and Daddy.