Photo(s) of the Day: You Can Never Get Tired of the Zoo

We’re Friends of the Zoo this year, so we’ve gone three time so far. Fall is definitely the best time to go. There are no crowds, and the cooler weather means more active animals. I have to give credit – most of these photos were taken by my increasingly photo-savvy husband. 🙂





Photo of the Day: Up Close and Personal

One of the best parts about Tanganyika Wildlife Park was how close we could get to the animals, like this giraffe. I love that I was close enough to see the veins in her ears!

(Although I’m posting several days worth of photos from Tanganyika, I am in no way getting paid – the opinions are strictly my own.)

Correction: Yesterday’s photo was a cheetah, not a leopard. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I typed that!