Photo of the Day: Go…Chiefs!

Possibly the most anticipated NFL game of the season, at least in my neck of the woods, is tonight’s Chiefs vs. Broncos game! My husband and I had the unique opportunity to tour Arrowhead Stadium last week. Ironically, the tours are a lot more popular this year than in years past. 🙂 Did you know the Arrowhead logo on the locker room floor has been there since the 70s, and it’s bad luck to step on it? As you can see, it’s still perfectly white.


Photo of the Day: Fall Football

I am by no means a sports photographer (as you can probably tell), but my husband coaches middle school football, so I thought I’d snap a few photos during the most recent game. I’m proud to say his team won 46-6. They played really well, so don’t pay attention to the fact that in this photo, no one seems to be anywhere near the ball.

Photo of the Day: Tense Super Bowl Moment

We watched the Super Bowl with some devout Ravens fans last night, which made the game a bit more exciting than usual. (Our Chiefs never make it to the Super Bowl, so we’re never than enthused about either team.) There were a few tense moments in the 2nd half, but lucky for our friends, the Ravens pulled it out.

Bobby had to stand up while watching the Ravens & 49ers during the 4th quarter.

Project 52 Week 37: Football Season

Of all the birthday-related activities my husband participated in last week for his Sept. birthday, playing with his new football may have been his favorite.

My husband received a [junior] football for his birthday so he could polish up on his football skills now that he’s a middle school football coach.

Day 305: Go Chiefs?

I may not be a huge football fan, but I am proud of the Kansas City Chiefs after their Monday Night Football win against the Chargers, ranking them first in the division. I think I got that right. I guess someone (or lots of someones) was even more excited than I was – this downtown building was lit up in Chiefs colors Tuesday morning.

Red and yellow lights shine atop a Kansas City building; maybe they’re Chiefs fans?

Day 37: My Super Bowl flub

Yesterday we attended a Super Bowl party with some friends from church. I should have been snapping photos left and right, considering there were about 30 adults and 15 high-strung children crammed into one house. There were certainly plenty of photo opportunities. But instead, I was enjoying the Super Bowl commercials (and the game). So when I finally drug my camera out at the end of the night, I resorted to another TV photo. I apologize for the lack of creativity – it (hopefully) won’t happen again.

P.S. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s photo, take a look. It’s better than this one. 🙂

1/20 sec., F4.5, ISO 800
18-55mm lens (18 mm), no flash fired