Project 52 Week 24: Eighty-eight and Going Strong

My grandma may have blown out her 16 birthday candles one-by-one (one candle for each 5.5 years of life), but at least she had the breath to blow them out. I love that she still loves getting attention on her birthday.

Grandma celebrates her 88th birthday by blowing out her candles. She’s my last grandparent, which makes her birthdays even more special to me.

Day 78: A Lesson in Fire Safety

We visited my parents on Saturday, and my mom showed us her new favorite dessert – indoor S’mores, with the marshmallows cooked on the gas stove. Earlier that evening she showed me her tiny, outdated fire extinguisher, noting a replacement may be a good gift idea. Now that I look back, maybe these two occurrences weren’t a coincidence.

Canon 60D
1/30 sec., f/5.0, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (60 mm), no flash fired

1/30 sec., f/4.5, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (40 mm), no flash fired