Family Portraits | Autumn in the Air

I finished last weekend’s portrait marathon with this adorable family, full of smiles and a dash of sass. I couldn’t help but post a lot of the girls –  they’re just too cute!

IMG_7386 copy

IMG_7425 copy

IMG_7436 copy

IMG_7447 copy

IMG_7457 copy

IMG_7480 copy

IMG_7496 copy

IMG_7528 copy

Family Portraits | Fall Color

Another one in the books for this photogenic family! With a mom who loves to take their picture, these kiddos have really gotten smiling and posing down to an art. We loved using the pops of fall color throughout Antioch Park.

IMG_7216 copyIMG_7285 copyIMG_7336 copyIMG_7344 copyIMG_7362 copyIMG_7375 copy

Family Portraits | On the Streets of Parkville

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken any family portraits – there’s something about humid Kansas summers that turns people away. But fall is here, and I got to shoot three family’s photos this weekend! First up is Lance and Sarah’s family – they are one of my regulars, and we went to one of my favorite spots for fall portraits – downtown Parkville, MO! It’s full of charing storefronts, historic buildings, trains, and fun murals. The boys are adorable, especially when Big Brother loves on Little Brother. Have a look!

IMG_7013 copy

IMG_7033 copy

IMG_7052 copy

IMG_7075 copy

IMG_7089 copy

IMG_7178 copy

IMG_7183 copy

The Holiday Season

It’s been so long since I’ve posted any personal photos on the blog; I’ve been slacking on pulling out the camera to take candids of my family. I caught a few good ones during the holidays, although not as many as I would have liked. Below are a few of my favorites!

img_3205 copy
Lil’ Miss K (in the red sequin dress) singing her heart out at her preschool Christmas concert.
img_3226 copy
Lil’ Miss K visiting her 94-year-old great-grandma. It’s a six hour round trip drive, but she is always a trooper and happy to see Grandma.
img_3237 copy
Miss M, transfixed with watching her sister sing in the church Christmas program.
img_3245 copy
Silly Miss M (almost 18 months old)!
img_3267 copy
Lil’ Miss K showing off her powers in her Owlette costume (from PJ Mask).
img_0026 copy
Christmas morning chaos.
20181229_172904 copy
A beautiful sunset on Grand Lake in Oklahoma, where we celebrate Christmas with extended family.