Holiday Portrait Session | West Bottoms KC

I’ve found my new favorite portrait location in Kansas City. I knew the West Bottoms would be a gem, but I was just waiting for the right family to go for it. I hadn’t seen these high school friends in over a decade, so it was fun to catch up and meet their kiddos. They did a super job just being themselves, which made my job pretty darn easy. Here are just a few of my favorites.

IMG_1112 2 copy

IMG_1153 2 copy

IMG_1223 2 copy

IMG_1250 2 copy

IMG_1288 2 copy

IMG_1297 2 copy

IMG_1324 2 copy

IMG_1301 2 copy

IMG_1347 2 copy

IMG_1379 2 copy



Photo of the Day: Too Petite

We tried Baby K in her door jumper last night since she’s starting to sit up and making lots of strong kicking motions. She’s still too short to jump – but as apprehensive as she looks in the photo, she loved just sitting and swinging in it!

Baby K in her door jumper – not really sure what to think, but enjoying sitting up!

Photos of the Day: The “Nesting” Phase

I’ve been going through the “nesting” phase of pregnancy for, oh, about the last 8 months. I’ve wanted to get lots of projects done around the house before the baby comes. (Just ask my poor husband.) In January, with the help of my parents, we painted all the trim and doors in our bedroom and master bathroom. Below are before, during, and after photos.

Before painting our trim
The chaos during trim-painting
An after shot, showing the bright trim and closet doors

And a few weeks ago, my husband and I (mostly him) painted this bookshelf for the baby room. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was a cheap, fake wood bookshelf we bought on Craigslist for $15. I think it looks so cute now! Next up – we’re getting siding put on our house starting tomorrow. Baby K better not make an appearance until after they’re done banging on the side of our house!

We painted this little bookshelf white and tangerine for the baby room. We’ve already got a nice stock of books!

Photo of the Day: Crafty Fall Wreath

A couple of weeks ago when I got an itch to be crafty, I made this fall wreath for our front door. It was really easy, and much less expensive than buying one. I got all of the supplies at Michael’s.

Wreath: $4
Leaf/berry garland: $8
Brown ribbon: $5 (barely used any of it though)
“R” letter: $2 (natural wood – painted with paint I already had)
Flower accent: already had it
Hot glue and fishing line: already had it

Total: $19