Day 322: It’s the Season of Food

Yesterday we had a big Thanksgiving lunch at work. Dessert is sometimes the best (and prettiest) part of the meal. One meal down, three to go. I’d better break out the stretchy pants.

Chocolate covered delicacies from our work lunch.

Day 251: Perfect Day

Yesterday’s outdoor temps were perfect, so we opened up the doors and windows after work and sat outside to eat our grilled burgers and steamy corn on the cob. During dinner I casually mentioned that if we lived in Hawaii, we’d have weather like this everyday. Jerod replied that he would be perfectly fine with moving to Hawaii. Now if we could get all of our family and friends to move with us?

A steamy ear of corn, along with a burger and a baked potato, make for a perfect outdoor meal.

Day 101: Breaking Bread

My friend Tekia has an incredible catering opportunity coming up. It’s called Breaking Bread: A Soul Food Communion, which is part of The Dining Room Project: Art, Food, & The Ritual of Eating. Breaking Bread will be a buffet style meal based on family recipes. The event will also feature works of art by John C. Sutton III and Beth Nybeck. Below is a photo of Tekia with her newly acquired piece of art depicting the soul food experience, by the very talented Sutton. I’m very excited to experience this event in a couple of weeks!

Canon 60d
1/500 sec., f/8.0, ISO 100
18-200 mm lens (40 mm)

Day 86: Rustic Chandelier

Yesterday Jerod and I had an actual date for the first time in a while. We went to see Just Go With It, and we had lunch at Stone Canyon Pizza. (Neither of us ordered pizza.) I thought this chandelier across the room was interesting. The “chandelier” above our table was just a single light bulb – not quite as cool.

Canon 60d
1/30 sec., f/5.6, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (120 mm), ambient light

Day 17: Mmm … roast

We enjoyed the MLK holiday yesterday by doing very little being very productive. Just about all we did was make a roast for my high school friend David, who stopped by to see us yesterday evening. Not to brag…but I think it turned out pretty good. Coming from someone who has little cooking experience.

1/10 sec, F2.8, ISO 200
52mm wide angle lens, no flash