Project 52 Week 19: From Graduation … to Jail?

We almost got arrested for this shot. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but we did get yelled at very sternly by a cop with a megaphone. The scolding was well worth the photo, because this is my husband right after graduating with his Master of Education degree from Rockhurst University on Saturday. I couldn’t be more proud! We had a fantastic day with family and lots of friends at a surprise graduation party afterward. A good friend of ours made the amazing cupcakes below – aren’t they perfect?

Jerod standing outside the Kansas City Convention Center just after graduation.
Graduation cupcakes, made by Julie!

Day 322: It’s the Season of Food

Yesterday we had a big Thanksgiving lunch at work. Dessert is sometimes the best (and prettiest) part of the meal. One meal down, three to go. I’d better break out the stretchy pants.

Chocolate covered delicacies from our work lunch.

Day 277: The New American Craze

Frozen yogurt shops are popping up all across the country. Even though they all look similar and taste the same, I don’t mind seeing them on every corner – I love this “healthy” treat. Our local frozen yogurt joint, Yogurtini, was offering 50% off yesterday if you simply said, “Yogurtini Rocks” when you paid. We couldn’t pass up on that great deal – 2 large desserts for $3.51!

The inside of Yogurtini at the Zona Rosa shopping center in Kansas City.