Photo(s) of the Day: Sugar High

Last weekend my friend Julie and I invited over our friends’ four young boys for some Christmas cookie decorating. (Actually, she did the hosting, and I just tagged along for support.) The boys were so active and fun, and as you can see, we had our hands full! Props to both mammas for having energy to take care of these sweet little balls of energy every day.

Days 346-347: Stars & Snowflakes

I know, I know. The title isn’t very creative. But these are two semi-random crafty/holiday photos that don’t really have a story behind them, except that I shot these photos on Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy!

A cup of star confetti left over from a holiday party.
My paper snowflake decorations. I didn't make them - they were purchased from an artist at First Fridays in Kansas City.

Days 336-338: ‘Tis The Season

This weekend was filled with Christmas preparations and activities. Friday evening we attended the University of Kansas Holiday Vespers concert with songs from the KU Symphony Orchestra and the KU Choirs. I spent some time at my parents’ house on Saturday where I was able to admire my all-time favorite holiday decoration: my mom’s Dickens Village. And Sunday evening Jerod and I finally made time to put up our own Christmas decorations with just one minor injury. What are your favorite holiday traditions or decorations?

The KU Orchestra and Choir perform "It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year."
The Dickens Village collection.
A pile of Christmas decorations awaits my creativity and my husband's skills.