Photo of the Day: Carolina Crown

Thursday evening I attended a Drum Corps International show (aka DCI or drum corp). If you’ve never seen or heard of drum corp, these are some of the most talented, athletic musicians on the earth. Think the movie Drum Line, only even more hard-core. Check out this video to see Carolina Crown, the best corp of the night (and possibly the upcoming National Champions). Their show is titled E=MC2 and is supposed to represent Einstein’s mind. Below is just one scene from their awesome performance.


Days 201-202: Mini Vacation!

This week I traveled to Broken Arrow, OK to a Drum Corp International show with my parents, my high school band director, and his wife. If you’ve never heard of it, DCI is like a big marching band competition with some of the best brass, percussion, and color guard performers in the country. These kids, just 14-21 years old, work their tails off day-in and day-out all summer long, rehearsing in the heat of the day, sleeping on gym floors, and performing in hot uniforms each night. They certainly have my utmost admiration and respect. If there’s ever a DCI show in your city, GO – you’ll love it, even if you aren’t a musician yourself!

The Cavaliers entertain the crowd when a few of the performers play their instruments upside down.
We stayed at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in Broken Arrow, which had a gorgeous deck overlooking this peaceful pond.