Photo of the Day: Second Date

Baby K and Lil’ W had their second date last week! (Check out photos from their first date, if you missed them.) We had the pleasure of visiting Lil’ W’s family last week in Colorado … more pics to come soon. I have about 450 to edit. 😉

Lil' W and Baby K enjoying some floor time together.
Lil’ W and Baby K enjoying some floor time together.

Photo(s) of the Day: Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings with Baby K are the best. She has been sleeping until about 9 a.m., so on Sundays I get to wake her up for a change – to get ready for church. I love opening her curtains, singing to her, and watching her stretch, squeak, and squirm, as if to say, “I’m not ready to wake up yet, Mom!” Once her eyes open she’s full of smiles. This weekend my sister and nephew got to witness this highlight of my week.

And by the way, Baby K is featured on my friend Mandy’s blog today – check it out!

My sister and nephew entertain Baby K before church
Pondering life.