Photo of the Day: Birthday Wish

In honor of my birthday today, would you please consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society Relay For Life? The Society is celebrating its 100th birthday next month, and it’s the official sponsor of birthdays, so the cause couldn’t be a better fit. I’m just a few hundred dollars away from my $1000 goal. Every amount helps!

Donate to Relay For Life

Cute birthday cupcake in a cone

Donate to Relay For Life, or purchase a photographic print for Relay


Project 52 Week 19: From Graduation … to Jail?

We almost got arrested for this shot. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but we did get yelled at very sternly by a cop with a megaphone. The scolding was well worth the photo, because this is my husband right after graduating with his Master of Education degree from Rockhurst University on Saturday. I couldn’t be more proud! We had a fantastic day with family and lots of friends at a surprise graduation party afterward. A good friend of ours made the amazing cupcakes below – aren’t they perfect?

Jerod standing outside the Kansas City Convention Center just after graduation.
Graduation cupcakes, made by Julie!

Days 126-128: Cupcakes and Moms

We were excited to attend Food Truck Friday, but when we arrived at 6:30, the lines snaked all around the lot. Most vendors had already crossed the majority of the food off the list, so we decided to get in line for 3 Girls Cupcakes and get our dinner somewhere else. We finally made it to the front of the line – with only 3 cupcakes left in vanilla, vanilla – and about 100 people in line behind us. It was a fun experience, but I’m not sure it was worth 40 minutes in line and the $3 spent for a plain vanilla cupcake. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out in Southeast Kansas with Jerod’s family, then we met my family for lunch on Sunday for Mother’s Day.

Food Truck Friday was definitely a success!
Our niece Beth and nephew Caleb playing outside.
The moon shone bright in Southeast KS late Saturday night.