Photo of the Day: Scrunchy Face

The ear muffs were a bit large…



Photo of the Day: Snowy Spring, Not So Uncommon

We’ve all been complaining about how unusually cold & snowy this spring has been so far. How many of you in the Midwest remember that it snowed this time two years ago? Yep, I was going through my archives and came upon this photo to prove it. Luckily we had a nice warm up today!

My husband scraping snow off his car exactly two years ago (March 28, 2011)

Days 320-321: A Wintery Mix

Here are my photos from yesterday and today; they both remind me of cold temps – both inside and out.

Whenever I see berry bushes like these, it reminds me that winter is just around the corner. (Especially when the temperature dropped about 30 degrees yesterday.)
Today we went to lunch at Sno & Company, a new frozen cocktail/light lunch place that just opened up a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately we couldn't try the cocktails on our lunch break, but we got to sample some delicious food from our good friend Chef T! The atmosphere is so great - I can't wait to go back.

Day 11: Snow is Here to Stay

I didn’t spend much time outside in the sub-zero temperatures yesterday, so I just snapped a few quick pictures of the pretty snow outside my work. The icicles that started forming in the morning got much bigger throughout the day – it was interesting to watch them grow.