Day 340: An Elegant Evening

Yesterday evening my church hosted a Ladies Christmas Tea for over 450 women. I’m not used to doing much of anything elegant, but it was fun to look at the fancy table settings, sip tea with other ladies, sing carols, and listen to an inspirational speaker. (KMBC 9’s Lora Moritz, who is pretty well-known in Kansas City.) The desserts at our table were incredible, as was the message of hope – don’t you wish you had been there?

A Ladies Christmas Tea table, adorned with desserts, fine china, and Christmas decorations.

Day 331: Seven Days of Thankfulness (Day 7)

Last but certainly not least in my seven days of thankfulness: I’m grateful for the Lord. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins even when I don’t deserve it. It’s an important lesson to remember this time of year, a lesson that’s easily forgotten in the chaos of holiday shopping, meal planning, work parties, and family tiffs. Let’s not forget what it’s all about.

A stained glass reflection bounces off the pews at Dennis United Methodist Church, built in the 1800s.


Day 314: Happy Veterans Day!

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with Veterans Day. I tried to think of a way to tie them together, but I got nothin’. I didn’t want to bypass this holiday without saying thank you to all the veterans for serving our country and protecting us. And I might just say thank you tomorrow too, so you don’t feel like you’re only appreciated one day of the year.

High-tech audio equipment at my church - I know how to turn it on, but I don't know how to use it!

Day 290: NEXT Worship Service

Yesterday our church, Platte Woods United Methodist, launched a new contemporary evening worship service. I’ve always enjoyed the organ and traditional hymns since that’s what I grew up with, but the rock band went above and beyond my expectations. This service is going to be a great place for believers, doubters, and everyone in between to come together to discuss and celebrate Christ. If you live in North KC and are looking for a church home, I invite you to give this service a try.

Guitarist and singer Micah leads the NEXT worship community in song.

Days 253-255: Ten Years Ago…

This weekend everyone was talking about where they were ten years ago during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. I was sitting in junior history class when we first heard the news. The school had just installed controversial TV’s in all the classrooms, and that day was probably the most important day to have them. We still went to all of our classes that day, but we mostly stared at the TV’s in awe and shock. It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. My heart still goes out to all of those involved. Things have definitely changed over the last ten years.


Ten years ago, the Kansas City Power & Light District hadn’t been built. It has really changed the feel of downtown Kansas City.

Friday evening we enjoyed a Happy Hour at Maker's Mark at the P&L District.


Ten years ago, this child wasn’t alive. In fact, his parents probably weren’t even dating yet.

My cousin's toddler, Izac, plays basketball during a family get-together on Saturday. We had so much fun spending the day outside & catching up.


Ten years ago, the people at Platte Woods United Methodist probably had very different issues on their minds.

In honor of Sept. 11, my church, along with the Methodist churches across Missouri, participated in volunteer projects all weekend long. Our church packed 240,000(!) Numana meals for the 3 million starving people in Colombia, South America.

Day 245-247: Laborious Days

Jerod and I went on a mission trip this weekend to Camp Wilderness. We helped with a lot of different projects, ate way too much food, and experienced great fellowship with our church friends and their kids. I power washed until I was sore … and Jerod cut down a few trees … just to name a couple projects. We may have missed a lot of the Labor Day weekend festivities, but I feel like we couldn’t have been in a better place this weekend.

The girls loved playing ping-pong with Jerod Friday night after we first arrived at Camp Wilderness.
Jay and his wife Shelly spend many, many hours cutting and splitting firewood.
Jordan had a great time painting with her friends, even if she did end up with more paint on her hands than anywhere else. 🙂
We had the perfect ending to a long weekend.