Photos of the Day: Blizzard of Oz

I’ve heard the snowstorm that blew through the Midwest yesterday referred to as the Blizzard of Oz. We have crazy weather in Missouri, but this was a lot of snow. As in, a foot of snow. I’m so grateful that I was able to work from home the last two days rather than venture out on the treacherous roads. It made the falling snow much more peaceful. I didn’t even mind helping my husband shovel the driveway this morning. Here are a few shots from around our house.


Photo of the Day: The Weight of the Snow

With a foot of snow on the ground and another foot expected tonight, I’ve never been more ready for spring. It seems so late in the season for such heavy accumulation, but I did find this photo in my archives from exactly two years ago.

A small tree weighed down by snow, downtown Kansas City, Feb. 25, 2011

Photo of the Day: Far From Spring

They’re calling it “Snowmageddon” – the largest snowstorm my part of the Midwest has seen in two years. Everyone in my apartment complex had quite a time trying to dig out their cars with brooms this afternoon.

People who had never met before helped each other dig out their cars after a winter snowstorm.

Day 32: Blizzard 2011, Part 2

Yesterday was definitely a blizzard, just as the meteorologists predicted. The snow was blowing so hard it drifted a couple feet tall into the hallways between apartment buildings, and by the time it was over, it practically buried some of the parked cars.

Both photos:
1/125 sec., F4.5, ISO 200
18-55mm lens (45 mm), no flash fired

Day 31: Blizzard 2011, Part 1

The media is calling it “Blizzard 2011,” and they claim it’s coming in three parts. Yesterday was the freezing rain, today is the massive amounts of snowfall and wind, and the next couple of days are the frigid temperatures. Here is an account of small ice accumulation from yesterday’s rain.

1/60 sec., F4.5, ISO 400
18-55mm lens (35 mm), no flash fired