Family Portraits | Still Love This Family

I had the privilege of shooting photos for this fun family this weekend. I’ve been doing photos for them since they got engaged about six years ago! I’ve come a long way as a photographer since then. The entire family is so photogenic – it’s never hard to walk away with a ton of great pics. I also got to do the little one’s one-year photos … more on that to come!

10-17_IMG_1965 copy

10-17_IMG_1979 copy


10-17_IMG_2040 copy

10-17_IMG_2054 copy


Photo of the Day: I Can Keep Going…

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing the fall leaves from our hike at Weston Bend State Park this weekend. They may all have the same brilliant colors, but each photo is so different I just couldn’t narrow them down. Just a couple more days, I promise. And if you missed the other posts, here they are.

Weston Bend State Park Photo #1
Weston Bend State Park Photo #2
Weston Bend State Park Photo #3

Photo of the Day: Fall Photo Walk

This weekend I went with a few friends on one of the most breathtaking hikes I’ve experienced locally  – at Weston Bend State Park in Weston, Mo. My friends Julie, Mandy, and myself all brought our cameras (all three of us are bloggers), and we turned it into a photo walk. Five miles of crisp air, fall leaves, and great conversation was definitely the highlight of my weekend. I’ll be sharing a few of my photos over the next few days. Be sure to check out their blogs too!