Photo(s) of the Day: You Can Never Get Tired of the Zoo

We’re Friends of the Zoo this year, so we’ve gone three time so far. Fall is definitely the best time to go. There are no crowds, and the cooler weather means more active animals. I have to give credit – most of these photos were taken by my increasingly photo-savvy husband. šŸ™‚





Photo of the Day: Back To…

Unlike the majority of my Facebook friends, I don’t have any back to school photos to share with you. (Unless you’d like to see the bulletin boards in my husband’s classroom.) So I pulled out this photo from my two-year-old archives of our pretty cat, Esme. She looks a little older and a little heavier now, but she’s still just as mischievous.

Photo of the Day: Lost Kitty

I decided to continue with the cat trend today. Two nights ago we found a cat outside our local community center. Now, I wouldn’t normally bring home a stray cat. But this guy came right up to me and let me pet him, he rubbed up against me, and he followed me all the way to the car. He was declawed and looked like he belonged to someone, but he had no collar, and the closest houses were across a busy intersection. So we (this was a mutual decision between my husband and I) decided to bring him home. He’s been living in our garage for two days, but I can tell by his constant meowing that he’s ready to come inside. If the owner doesn’t respond to our fliers quickly, we may just have a second kitty!

Here are Tuesday and Wednesday’s cat photos, if you missed them.

Photo of the Day: Whatchu Lookin At?

Have you ever looked at the facial expressions of an alpaca? They crack me up every time. It seems like I’ve encountered them on every recent vacation I’ve taken, and I never get tired of them. They were used in the Great Smoky Mountains to carry luggage to a hike-in resort, we stayed on an alpaca ranch in Montana when we went visited Glacier National Park, and they were part of Tanganyika‘s petting zoo last weekend.

(Although Iā€™m posting several days worth of photos from Tanganyika, I am in no way getting paid ā€“ the opinions are strictly my own.)