Photo of the Day: A Sweet Friendship

Baby K just loves our black cat, Emmett. He’s the most laid back cat you’ll ever meet – he actually goes up to her and lets her pull his hair or grab his ears. He’s just happy to get attention from someone! I love watching their sweet relationship grow.


Photo(s) of the Day: You Can Never Get Tired of the Zoo

We’re Friends of the Zoo this year, so we’ve gone three time so far. Fall is definitely the best time to go. There are no crowds, and the cooler weather means more active animals. I have to give credit – most of these photos were taken by my increasingly photo-savvy husband. 🙂





Photo of the Day: Back To…

Unlike the majority of my Facebook friends, I don’t have any back to school photos to share with you. (Unless you’d like to see the bulletin boards in my husband’s classroom.) So I pulled out this photo from my two-year-old archives of our pretty cat, Esme. She looks a little older and a little heavier now, but she’s still just as mischievous.