Miss M Meets Great-Grandma

My dad, the girls (ages 3 and 5.5 weeks), and I took a 7-hour round trip to Shelbina, MO yesterday to visit my grandma. She was tickled to meet Miss M and see Lil’ Miss K again. She’s 93 years old but still hasn’t lost the “touch” when it comes to babies! Miss M has now met both of her great-grandmas.

IMG_4943_bw copy

IMG_4947_bw copy

IMG_4970 copy

St. Louis Vacation | Gateway Arch

My husband, Lil’ Miss K, and I took a short weekend getaway to St. Louis last weekend. Lil’ Miss K had a great time exploring the Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis Zoo, and World Bird Sanctuary. She got a bit tired and grumpy on our last day, but overall she was a great traveler. She isn’t one to sleep in our arms or in a stroller anymore, so she was go-go-go the entire time!

Here are a few photos of the arch. The first two give you a perspective of what it looks like inside, and the second two are two photos I tried to shoot at a non-cliche angle. More photos to come once I have time to sort through them.

IMG_6933 copy

IMG_6944 copy

IMG_6950 copy

IMG_6956 copy