Project 52 Week 23: A Lesson In Life

Friday afternoon I had the privilege of attending Shave to Save – an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge fundraiser. People are asked to raise $5,000 for the Hope Lodge. Their reward? Their heads are shaved. De De, the lady pictured below, is one of the most upbeat women I’ve ever seen … and her daughter has cancer. She and her daughter have spent many months staying for free at the Hope Lodge while her daughter undergoes cancer treatment. Despite going through such hardship, both of them were full of positive energy – constantly smiling and laughing. What an inspiration!


Learn more about Hope Lodge.

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De De laughs as her head is shaved for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge’s Shave to Save fundraiser, while her daughter Gypsy, who has cancer, laughs right behind her. Gypsy’s shirt says, “I HATE CANCER.”

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  1. Shutterbug Sage

    Lindy, this is such a touching story and you’ve captured the moment so well! Incredible job!

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