Day 38: Twilight

I recently learned about the different phases of twilight. This photo was taken during what is called nautical twilight, when the sun is between 6-12 degrees below the horizon, or about 30 minutes to an hour after sunset. You can still see some color off in the distance, which can generate some beautiful photos. Especially when the moon is so bright!

1/6 sec., F4.0, ISO 800
18-55mm lens (18 mm), no flash fired and no tripod used


3 thoughts on “Day 38: Twilight

  1. Michael Pommier

    Very nice. I like that. I’m sort of sad that I haven’t had much time to get out photograph the snow and such. Full time jobs suck. 😦

    1. Thank you! It is hard with a full time job – that’s why I’ve had quite a few night photos so far. It’s usually dark when I leave for work and when I get home.

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