Day 13: That Darn Cat

After at least 30 minutes of trying to shoot my cat, (with the camera, of course) I started to lose patience. Words like, “Sit still!” and, “I hate you!” began flowing from my mouth. Jerod started cursing her too once she broke the skin in four places on his hand. Of course I don’t really hate her. She’s really a very sweet cat, most of the time. She just doesn’t like to have her picture taken. I’ve learned my lesson – next time I’ll wait until she’s sleeping. This is one of the few decent photos I ended up with.

1/125 sec, F8, ISO 200
52mm wide-angle lens, external flash fired


I was originally going to post this photo to show you all the ridiculous amount of ice on the inside of our windows. But it’s not the greatest photo, which is why I spent the evening chasing our cat. No wonder our heating bill is so high!