Photo Essay of Vernon

Below is a collection of photos I’ve taken of my grandpa Vernon over the last year and half. I’ve been doing an ongoing photo essay of his life in the nursing home.

When Grandpa was first put in the nursing home and could get around better, he loved to push the snack cart.

Grandma comforting Grandpa, Fall 2007. When he first went into the nursing home, he was very emotional, which could have been caused by Alzheimer’s.

Grandpa and his great-grandson, Jacob, near Christmastime. They were both in awe of the snow globe, which is a good example of the progression of life. People start out as babies, grow into adults, and often regress back to where they started.

Grandpa with his granddaughter, Cyndie, and his great-grandson, Isaac. He doesn’t get to see family much in the nursing home, so he was emotional when he got to see his great-grandchildren.

In February 2008, Grandpa was found very sick in the nursing home and sent to the hospital. They said he had pneumonia caused by late stage Alzheimer’s, and they didn’t feed him for almost a week, fearing he wouldn’t be able to swallow properly. We were told he wasn’t going to make it, so my sister brought my nephew to say good-bye. Miraculously, he began eating (pureed food) and recovered.

Grandpa’s arm looking skinny after not eating for several days.


In June 2008, Grandma fell and broke her hip. She spent a week in the hospital having surgery, two weeks in a rehab facility, and over a month doing in-home therapy. Luckily she recovered, but during the whole time, she couldn’t visit Grandpa. Finally in August 2008, her and Grandpa reunited. They were both emotional, particularly Grandpa.

Grandpa and Grandma very happy to see each other after two months apart, although Grandpa still has the usual sad look in his eyes.