Photo of the Day: Delicate & Sturdy Flower

I recently passed a downtown community garden on a walk. With our long winter and spring just beginning, nothing had been planted yet. I did find this tiny flower, which reminded me of baby’s breath. So delicate, yet so sturdy after surviving the harsh winter.

Can you name this plant? Is it baby’s breath or something else?

Photo of the Day: Snowy Spring, Not So Uncommon

We’ve all been complaining about how unusually cold & snowy this spring has been so far. How many of you in the Midwest remember that it snowed this time two years ago? Yep, I was going through my archives and came upon this photo to prove it. Luckily we had a nice warm up today!

My husband scraping snow off his car exactly two years ago (March 28, 2011)

Photo of the Day: I Hope the First is the Last

This is the first snowstorm in our new home. I was hoping it wouldn’t come until next winter; now I just hope it’s the last one until next winter. The funny thing is that we never owned a snow shovel at our apartment, and since all the hardware and garden stores are prepped for spring, no one has them for sale. We’re now proud owners of a “manure shovel,” which will hopefully work great for snow removal and never manure removal.

The beginnings of a late March snowstorm in Kansas City

Photo of the Day: Spring or Snow?

I won’t even express my opinion about yesterday’s snow and the eight more inches expected to pound Kansas City tomorrow. At the end of March. During Spring. Ok, maybe there was a little bit of opinion in that statement. But here’s a photo of beautiful spring daffodils … in the snow.

A vase of daffodils rests in the snow

Photo of the Day: MIA Alert

You may have seen my post last week stating that we bought a house. This week, on top of working full time, we’ll be getting the house ready for move-in. Our big move is Saturday, then we’ve only got a couple of days to unpack before our next big adventure. (Any guesses on what that is?) My blog posts will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks, so please bear with me.

Until then, here is another shot from last week’s storm. Can you name the building in the background?

Tree branches remain covered after last week’s storm.