Family Photos | There’s No Place Like Home

New favorite photo spot located…Turkey Creek Waterfall! Even though it felt like we was exploring Blue Ridge Mountain waterfalls in North Carolina, we were actually in a Kansas City suburb. This fun, hidden secret is in Merriam, Kansas. Thanks to this family for trusting me to try something new! I love how these turned out.


Fall in Columbia River Gorge

A few weeks ago I traveled to Portland, Oregon for a work conference, and I took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Northwest by renting a car on the last day to drive the Columbia River Gorge scenic drive. Not only was Multnomah Falls as impressive as expected, that drive in autumn was one of my all time favorite drives. And all of the waterfalls along the route were gorgeous!

Despite the pouring rain, I explored much of the area, almost in complete solidarity at times, and I loved every minute of it. Here are a few of my favorite shots – most with a new wide-angle lens, which proved to be perfect for waterfalls and scenery.

IMG_6866 copy
Hiking Forest Park with new friends

IMG_6863 copy

IMG_6914 copy
Along the Columbia River Highway

IMG_6920 copy

IMG_6926 copy

IMG_6936 copy

IMG_6941 copy

IMG_6948 copy
Bridal Veil Lodge

IMG_6962 copy

IMG_6970 copy
Multnomah Falls

IMG_6982 copy
Looking down from the top of Multnomah Falls, after a very steep hike



Family Portraits | Fall at the Nature Sanctuary

I’ve known this mama for a number of years now, but I was so excited when she asked me to do family portraits so I could meet her two leading men! I also got to explore a new location – the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. It’s one of my new favs. You can’t beat a waterfall in Missouri! And little six-month-old Dean couldn’t be more adorable … I’m looking forward to editing the rest of the photos just so I can keep looking at that sweet smile!

IMG_6763 copy

IMG_6579 copy

IMG_6741 copy

IMG_6707 copy

IMG_6615 copy

IMG_6756 copy

Scenes from Rocky Mountain National Park

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park a few weeks ago, but I just finished editing photos today. I can’t fit my favorites into one blog post, so I’m splitting it into three. I’ve skied in Colorado many times, but this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve visited in the summer. I was blown away by how pretty it is. This is a place I could never tire of.












Photo of the Day: Waterfall Garden

If you took a guess at yesterday’s photo, the correct answer is the Chapel at Powell Gardens just outside of Kansas City. Powell Gardens is home to this chapel, several types of flower gardens, fountains and water gardens, vegetable gardens, trails, and so much more. It’s such a beautiful place to visit that I’ve got about a week’s worth of photos to show you!

The waterfall garden at Powell Gardens. The bright green sculptures are lily pads made of LEGOS – part of their Nature Connects exhibit this summer


Photo(s) of the Day: Ruby Falls

On our drive home from Atlanta to Kansas City, we stayed in Chattanooga, TN. I booked the hotel in advance knowing nothing about the town; we just needed a place to rest. When we arrived, we were greeted with tons of brochures about Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, and zip-lining/ropes courses. All of those sounded fun, but we decided to check out Ruby Falls since it opened the earliest and we had a 10-hour drive ahead of us.

The Ruby Falls tour consisted of a one-mile cave hike several hundred feet below ground. The stalactites and stalagmites were beautiful!

After hiking back to the falls through narrow corridors, the cave opened up into a huge room.

As everyone frantically snapped photos in our timed seven minutes at the falls, I stepped back and photographed the people for a sense of scale.

Ruby Falls drops 145 feet from the cave ceiling to an underground pond below.

The natural beauty of the cave (seen with artificial light).


Project 52 Week 21: On the Road Again …

This past week, my husband and I took a road trip with another couple to North Carolina & South Carolina. We had an amazing trip! We just got back last night, so I obviously haven’t sorted through all my photos yet, but here are just a few of my favorites. As you can see, we had quite the mixture of activities throughout our trip.

During a hike to Grotto Falls in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, we saw a guy with a pack of lamas transporting supplies to a hike-in resort. We couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time to capture this moment.

Grotto Falls, Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

A beautiful butterfly captured our attention at a lookout point in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

A lookout point at Great Smoky National Park during one of the few sunny moments.

A picturesque facade of a historic home in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is the 2nd most preserved city in the world, behind Rome.

We experienced the perfect sunrise on the Sullivan’s Island beach in South Carolina.

A quiet, romantic morning on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.