Springtime at the Zoo

We recently made our first trip of the season to the zoo! We went first thing on a rainy, dreary Friday morning, thinking it wouldn’t be crowded at all. We were wrong! There were tons of school groups there. But we still enjoyed ourselves – spring and fall are by far the best times to visit the zoo. The animals were so active! We got to see two monkeys jumping furiously from branch to branch chasing each other for several minutes, and my favorite moment was when Lil’ Miss K walked up to the glass at the penguin exhibit and the penguins immediately hopped out of the water and waddled over to check her out. We have season passes to the zoo, so we’ll be back several times this year.

IMG_5578 copy

IMG_5593 copy

IMG_5629 copy

IMG_5641 copy

IMG_5648 copy


Photo(s) of the Day: Exotic Animal Interaction

A couple of days ago I posted photos of a cheetah and a giraffe from Tanganyika Wildlife Park. I had to share some photos of my husband and me at the park too, just so you could see how interactive it is! Maybe it’s just because I love animals so much, but this was one of the best times I’ve had in quite a while. The animal feedings were a bit pricey, but it was worth it for the experience. More photos to come of the animals, too.

(Although I’m posting several days worth of photos from Tanganyika, I am in no way getting paid – the opinions are strictly my own.)

Day 234: Growth Spurt

It’s hard to believe I’ve already had my turtles for six years. When I got them, they were the size of a quarter. Ever since then they’ve been growing … and growing … and growing. If you look at the details in Michelangelo’s shell, you can see how it grows. In fact, he has just started shedding his shell. Yet again. Some day we’ll have to build a pond in our backyard for them.

My red-eared slider turtle, Michelangelo's shell.

Day 72: Michelangelo might be a bit vain

I had another blog post prepared for today, but late last night after feeding my turtles and letting them explore for a bit, I found Michelangelo pressed up against a mirror, clearly checking himself out. As much as I try not to post the same subject repeatedly, this was too cute to pass up.

1/125 sec., F11, ISO 200
18-55 mm lens (35 mm), flash fired

Day 65: Love-hate relationship

I think my cat and turtles have a love-hate relationship. We let the turtles roam while we cleaned their tanks, and we couldn’t pull our cat away from all the action. Fortunately (or not so fortunately) the turtles are getting quite large, and their reaction time is faster than hers, so she can’t hurt them.

1/45 sec., F4.0, ISO 400
18-55 mm lens (28 mm), no flash fired