Miss M | Thirteen Months

Miss M is a full on toddler now – toddling from here to there – usually with her hands straight up in the air, either for balance or because she’s used to holding onto our fingers. She loves to eat, she’s a great sleeper, and she does pretty darn well traveling. She’s starting to be more opinionated too – don’t you dare grab her toys, spoon, or paci without a fight!

See how she’s grown over the last month, or compare her to her sister at this age.

IMG_1683 copy

IMG_1693 copy

“M, where’s your tongue?”IMG_1696 copy


Photo of the Day: 13 Months Old

Lil’ Miss K turned 13 months old today! We’re trying a new pose with Dad for her second year. She was a bit clingy this month, but I’m sure it will get better (or harder once she takes off running)!

IMG_5125 copy

IMG_5094 copy