Photo(s) of the Day: Water Baby

Lil’ Miss K is currently taking an “Aquatots” swim class at our community center. I was a little taken aback that in the first five minutes of the first swim lesson, I had to dunk her underwater! But she’s doing great – she doesn’t mind going under or lying on her back, and she loves “jumping” off the side. I can’t wait to take her to the pool this summer!

IMG_5494 copy

IMG_5509 copy

IMG_5518 copy

IMG_5525 copy


Photo of the Day: Corporate Challenge

My good friend Julie participates in the Corporate Challenge swim meet each year, and since I was on swim team many, many years ago, I enjoy going to watch her and others compete. Thursday evening I got to watch her compete in the 50 yd. freestyle and 200 free relay.

Quick Update

As you can see, I have been a busy bee updating my blog. I chose a new simple black design, I fixed all the missing links in old blog posts, I added social media links on the right, and I’ve been categorizing a lot of my blog posts.

Check out the Categories panel on the right. If you click a category, such as “night photography” for example, it will take you to all of my night photos. Not every photo has been categorized, but it’s certainly a lot more organized than before. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that every time I added a category to a photo, that particular blog post re-posted. So I sincerely apologize to my readers who just received about 50+ emails from me.

And the biggest update is yet to come – I’ll finally be adding a portfolio section! That empty “My Work” tab at the top will finally be filled. Thanks for your patience!

Here’s a quick photo from a few days ago to tide you over until my next blog post…

Happy First Day of Summer!