Day 315: Breaking Dawn

As the sun began to rise in the east yesterday morning, the moon was still setting off to the west.

(And thanks again to our veterans; yesterday, today, and every day; for your honor and bravery!)

As dawn breaks, the moon sets just above our apartment complex.

Day 194: The sun keeps us going

We inherited this house plant almost a year ago after Jerod’s aunt’s funeral, which was about a month after our friend Ryan’s funeral, which was a few weeks after Jerod’s grandpa’s funeral, which was just 2 weeks after my aunt’s funeral. It was a rough summer to say the least. Seeing the sunlight hit this funeral plant each day reminds me of all the good days, both behind us and ahead. Relay For Life may be hard tomorrow since it’s the first Relay after my aunt passed away from pancreatic cancer, but I know the sun in shining bright.

The sun shines bright on our green and yellow spotted house plant.