Irish Shenanigans

Here are a few “street photography” shots from the Kansas City Irish Fest last weekend. It’s one of the best places to people watch.

Green, green, and more green (and a cute baby).
The band Millish put on a great show. I’d describe their music as Irish jazz.
I’m glad I wasn’t any closer, or I may have learned what they really wear under their kilts.
Not your typical Irish Fest spectator. Notice her dainty hat and the run in her hose. 🙂
The authentic and the eccentric…together as one.
Streets in downtown Kansas City are closed off for Irish Fest, which brings huge crowds each year. Notice anything amusing about this photo?
Check out this handsome guy.


Project 52 Week 22: A Dabble in Street Photography

Here are a couple of shots from the streets of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District during First Fridays. I’ve decided it’s the best place in the city for street photography, so if I’m brave enough I’ll go back for the sole purpose of practicing this fascinating genre of photography.

A local Kansas City banjo player at First Fridays.
A young man watches the crowd of people, lost in thought.

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Project 52 Week 11: Luck O’ The Irish

A big tradition in Kansas City is our St. Paddy’s Day Parade, and since it fell on a Saturday this year, we were actually able to go. One of the best places to people watch, and practice street photography, is at a parade. You can always get great pictures of the floats, cars, bands, horses, and people marching in the parade – but even better, in my opinion, is the crowd shots.

This is my favorite crowd shot from the Kansas City St. Paddy’s Day Parade. You’ve got to love the man in his military kilt, who dressed his son in Irish garb too. The emotional interaction between the two – a seemingly proud father and slightly embarrassed son – is priceless.