Photo(s) of the Day: It Runs in the Family

This weekend during a family get-together, I let my eleven-year-old nephew experiment with my camera. He asked a great question about making part of the photo blurry, so I did my best to explain depth of field to him. He took all of these photos below – on manual mode. I think he truly has an eye for photography!






Day 78: A Lesson in Fire Safety

We visited my parents on Saturday, and my mom showed us her new favorite dessert – indoor S’mores, with the marshmallows cooked on the gas stove. Earlier that evening she showed me her tiny, outdated fire extinguisher, noting a replacement may be a good gift idea. Now that I look back, maybe these two occurrences weren’t a coincidence.

Canon 60D
1/30 sec., f/5.0, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (60 mm), no flash fired

1/30 sec., f/4.5, ISO 800
18-200 mm lens (40 mm), no flash fired