Day 118: Food For the Soul

My friend Tekia had her Breaking Bread catering event Thursday evening. (My Breaking Bread post goes into more detail about the event.) So much work went into the evening from so many people. Tekia and company spent hours frying chicken and preparing other southern foods, sculpting and painting the beautiful artwork on display, and figuring out the logistics all the way down to seating charts. They did a great job of bringing art and food together.

Canon 60d
1/85 sec., f/3.5, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (18 mm), ambient light

Day 110: Glimmering Light

A couple weeks ago while riding bikes, Jerod and I stumbled across this random sculpture in what looked to be an abandoned field. I don’t carry my DSLR camera on my bike, so I went back yesterday evening to photograph it. According to the forecast, we’re supposed to have rain every day for the next week, so this may be the last glimmer of sunlight you see on the blog for a while.

Canon 60d
1/250 sec., f/11.0, ISO 100
18-200 mm lens (40 mm)