Photo of the Day: We Bought A Hutch

About a month ago, my husband and I purchased a hutch from an antique market. We’d been searching for one since we moved into our house in March, because we knew we’d quickly run out of kitchen cabinet space if we didn’t have a place to store our nicer dishes. We found this beauty for $230. It’s truly an antique – it has a note stapled to the top dating it to the early 1900s and purchased in Chicago. I wish I knew its entire history.

Because our dining room has wood floors and our dining room table is black and cherry wood toned, we made the tough decision to paint it. Yes, the wood was beautiful and could have been stained to look like new. But for our space, the paint looks perfect. (To prove that point … dining room reno photos coming soon!)

I apologize for the poor quality – this photo was taken on a cell phone in the antique store. I forgot to take a “before” photo at home.
Midway through the several coats of paint.
Our finished hutch – black exterior, white interior, and a stained table-top. It matches perfectly with our dining room table.





Photo(s) of the Day: Home Tour

For those of you who have been asking, here are a few photos of our new home. We moved March 9, and of course it took us awhile to unpack and settle in. Here are a few long overdue photos.

Welcome to our home!
Our living room.
Dining room with new table – we plan to remodel this room in the near future.
Kitchen – my favorite room in the house. (My cat’s favorite as well.)
Lower level – our favorite hang out spot.


Bathroom with lots of counter space!


Master bedroom (freshly painted).

Photo of the Day: Light Project

One of the first projects in our new home was replacing our entryway light. Check out the before and after and let me know you think.

Most of our house was move-in ready, but my husband was definitely ready to get rid of this light fixture – it had to be an original. I don’t think it had ever been dusted, either.
Here is our new, modern light fixture for our entryway. It kind of reminds me of a kitchen light, but we like it. 30 years from now some young’ins will be ripping it out of the entryway in disgust.