Photographic Prints for Relay For Life

I’ve been team captain for our Relay For Life team for several years, so I’m constantly trying to come up with creative fundraisers. Last year I decided to try my hand at selling photographic prints, and I raised about $250 with that fundraiser. Not too bad! Naturally I want to beat that number this year. If you like my photography, please consider purchasing a photographic print. You can pick one of the Kansas City photos below, or you can pick any photo from my blog. Visit to place an order. And if you don’t want a print but you still hate cancer, the American Cancer Society and I will happily accept donations to Relay For Life. Thank you for your continued support!

Union Station during Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Union Station during Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Kansas City's City Market
Kansas City’s City Market
A cow silhouetted against a Kansas City sunset
A cow silhouetted against a Kansas City sunset
Downtown Kansas City at night
Downtown Kansas City at night


Downtown Kansas City at night - B&W
Downtown Kansas City at night – B&W
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts at night - B&W
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts at night – B&W
Liberty Memorial during Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Liberty Memorial during Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Liberty Memorial at dusk
Liberty Memorial at dusk
Country Club Plaza lights at the JC Nichols Fountain
Country Club Plaza lights at the JC Nichols Fountain
Country Club Plaza lights
Country Club Plaza lights
Kansas City skyline - B&W
Kansas City skyline – B&W
Western Auto building in Kansas City
Western Auto building in Kansas City

Photo of the Day: Scentsy Shadows

I love, love, love this Scentsy warmer I got for Christmas. Sometimes I turn it on right before bed just to watch the “bird” shadows flicker on the wall.

(By the way, I have a friend who is donating 25% of Scentsy sales to my 2013 Relay For Life team. I’ve already raised $400! If you want to place an order, you go do so here. Just click Relay For Life Fundraiser.)

The “Loom” Silhouette Scentsy Warmer

Project 52 Week 27: We’ll Always Remember

Friday and Saturday was our annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life. During Relay we celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. Remembering is the hardest, most touching part of the evening. It’s been just over 2 years since we lost my aunt Jill to pancreatic cancer; so many others were missing their loved ones that night too. It’s not too late to make a difference – our Relay is raising money through August 31. You can make a donation here.

P.S. My canvas print of this photo sold for $90 in the Relay For Life live auction … I was beyond excited!

During the luminaria ceremony, we walk the dark track silently as names of those who’ve had cancer are spoken.


GIVEAWAY: Kansas City Wall Art!

If you looked at my photo of the week yesterday, you may have seen that I just opened up an Etsy site to sell prints of my work. Because I’m as passionate about fighting cancer as I am about photography, I’m selling these prints as a fundraiser for Relay For Life. To kick off the grand opening of my Etsy store, I’m offering a GIVEAWAY! The first five customers who order one print or more will receive a second print of equal size for free! See the details below.


Check out my Etsy Shop.


* Giveaway ends May 14.
* When placing the order, indicate which print you’d like in the Notes to Seller section.
* Must pay shipping on the first print; second print will be shipped with the first print free of charge.
* If you order a 5×7, you will receive a 5×7 free. If you order an 8×10, you will receive an 8×10 unless you request a 5×7.
* Once the 5 customers have placed their orders, I will post an update on this page indicating the giveaway is over.
* Must have a U.S. address.
* 100% of proceeds will be donated to my 2012 Relay For Life team.

Take Your DOG To Work Day?

You read it right – my office hosted Take Your Dog To Work Day on Friday. We had about fifteen dogs in the office, and for a couple of hours they were all in one room for some festivities. It sounds like complete chaos, but the dogs were on their best behavior at all times. Why did we host Take Your Dog To Work Day? I’m so glad you asked. Our staff wanted to promote a fairly new American Cancer Society event called Bark For Life, which is basically a Relay For Life for dogs. There will be two Bark For Life events in Kansas City this April/May. If you have a dog, you should look to see if there’s a Bark For Life in your area!

One of the many cute participants of Take Your Dog To Work Day at the American Cancer Society.
Brandy was one of the best-behaved dogs, as she stayed in her owner’s cubicle all day!
This is Ozzie, named after a St. Louis Cardinals player.
This dog should have won a ‘cutest face’ contest!
Many dogs hung out at the American Cancer Society office all day.

Day 230: A Sign From Above

I work for the American Cancer Society; my aunt passed away from pancreatic cancer last year. Even though pancreatic cancer is rare, I’ve met so many people affected by it since she was diagnosed. So naturally, I’m passionate about the cause. Yesterday when I was grocery shopping, I saw this hydraulic lift (or whatever it is) in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Not only does it promote cancer research, it’s pancreatic cancer research. Even better, it was named “Duke” on front side (not pictured). Our Relay For Life team is named Dukes of Hazzard, after my aunt’s abbreviated last name. A coincidence? Or is Someone trying to tell me something?

I'm so glad to see others in my community are passionate about pancreatic cancer too.

Days 196-197: Here’s to a world with less cancer & more birthdays.

I’m so proud of my Relay For Life team – almost everyone stayed from 7 p.m. Friday evening to 7 a.m. Saturday morning, taking turns walking the track and helping with fundraisers to fight back against cancer. If my calculations are correct, our team raised $4806 – just shy of our $5000 goal! (If you’d still like to support us with a donation, please visit From the extreme heat; to the touching survivor lap; to ice cream, water balloons, s’mores, glow bracelets, and more; we definitely had an eventful night!

Teammate Aaron Ballew juggles water balloons as an admirer looks on.
Relay For Life – Northland Kansas City survivor lap.
This little girl, a cancer survivor, touched us all during the survivor lap.
The moon had a beautiful orange hue as it rose over the track.
An overall view of the Relay For Life – Northland Kansas City at night.
My cousin Ben’s luminaria lit in memory of my Aunt Jill.
Sue and Spencer rest on the high jump pad on the track.

Day 195: Fuel For Life

These are some of the many snacks we’ve prepared for our “Fuel Station” at Relay For Life. We’re selling trail mix, granola bars, Gatorade, and baked goods. By the way, our team name is Dukes of Hazzard, and the event is themed “Revin’ For a Cure,” so I think Fuel Station is the perfect name for our snack spot.

Trail mix for Relay For Life.

Day 192: Margarita Party!

Last night I was busy with Relay For Life bank night, where we turn in money and silent auction baskets and get all the final details of Relay, so I’m a little late posting Monday’s photo. This is one of 9 silent auction baskets we’re selling Friday night at the Northland Relay For Life at Oak Park High School. If you live in Kansas City and don’t have any plans, you should come out!

Margarita Party Basket for the Relay For Life silent auction.