Day 294: On the Horizon

I’ve been looking forward to posting this photo all day. This lookout point may be my new favorite spot, because the views of downtown Kansas City are just perfect – especially at sunset. The color has not been altered.

The downtown Kansas City skyline at dusk.

Day 292: And that’s why they call it fall

All the pretty leaves have already fallen where I live. Half the trees are brown and the other half hasn’t even turned yet. Hard to believe we’ve already passed the peak, considering it’s just over halfway through October.

Fallen leaves near my home in Kansas City.

Day 241: Reflections

I love this time of year when it starts to cool off, especially when I get the chance to go outside during the work day. Jerod and I met for lunch at a downtown park yesterday, and this building was part of our view.

A building in downtown Kansas City, Mo. reflects the sky and nearby buildings.