Photo of the Day: My Little Yoda

Baby K’s first Halloween! Despite the cold, (Truck or Treat last Sunday was 86 degrees; last night was 40 degrees) we had fun trick-or-treating. Baby K Daddy got lots of great candy! I almost felt guilty taking the candy, but it was nice to meet some of our neighbors.



Day 274 & 276: The Colors of Fall

Now that it’s October, I feel like I can take photos of all things fall-ish. I’m splitting up my weekend blog post, because my Friday and Sunday photos go together so well. Tomorrow I’ll post Saturday’s photo. I had another busy weekend – I started to type out all the details, but I decided not to bore you. I think these colorful photos are enough.

Trader Joe's and many other stores have all kinds of crazy varieties of gourds and pumpkins.
My mom's fresh lilies and mums make the perfect fall bouquet.