Photo of the Day: Ginger Cookies

My attempt at my grandma’s gingerbread cookies yesterday was semi-successful. The flavor was great, but they were too thin. If I call them gingersnaps instead of gingerbread cookies, I think they’re perfect! (As you can tell, I need to work on my icing techniques, too.)


Photo of the Day: Reindeer & Penguin

Creative blog title, right?

Since this is our first winter in a house, our outdoor lights are pretty skimpy. We’re hoping to stock up on lights when they go on sale after Christmas. I bought these cute little guys at Target a couple of years ago, so they’ll just have to be a bit lonely in our front lawn this season. Looking at Christmas lights is my husband’s favorite holiday tradition. What is yours?


Photo of the Day: Denver Christmas Lights

During our Thanksgiving trip to Denver last week, we went to the downtown lighting ceremony and walked around the nearby shops while admiring the Christmas lights. The Denver event is nothing like the Country Club Plaza lighting in Kansas City in terms of scale, beauty, and crowds, but I actually enjoyed the low-key evening. It was picture-perfect, don’t you think?