Miss M | And She’s Two

This girl. I feel like I was just bringing her home from the hospital, but last weekend we celebrated her second birthday. It’s funny to look back on how we thought she’d be our easy-going child. She’s fierce. She’s opinionated, she’s a talker, she doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She has the biggest personality! She and her sister are best friends – it’s a childhood bond I never really understood until I had two of my own, since my sister and I were twelve years apart.

Miss M loves Elmo and swimming, so we had an Elmo pool party! (Can I just say I love summer birthdays?)

It has been fun to take monthly photos of her, but as she grows, she won’t change as quickly, so I’ll concentrate on filling out her baby book rather than posting monthly. 😉

See how she’s changed from two months ago (I forgot to post last month), last year, and when she was a newborn.

IMG_6439 copy

IMG_6433 copy
“Move, Daddy!”
IMG_6345 copy

IMG_6394 copy

IMG_6375 copy


Quick Update

As you can see, I have been a busy bee updating my blog. I chose a new simple black design, I fixed all the missing links in old blog posts, I added social media links on the right, and I’ve been categorizing a lot of my blog posts.

Check out the Categories panel on the right. If you click a category, such as “night photography” for example, it will take you to all of my night photos. Not every photo has been categorized, but it’s certainly a lot more organized than before. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that every time I added a category to a photo, that particular blog post re-posted. So I sincerely apologize to my readers who just received about 50+ emails from me.

And the biggest update is yet to come – I’ll finally be adding a portfolio section! That empty “My Work” tab at the top will finally be filled. Thanks for your patience!

Here’s a quick photo from a few days ago to tide you over until my next blog post…

Happy First Day of Summer!

Days 154-156: Wet ‘n Wild Weekend

Ok, ok. It may have been more wet than wild. And it may not be summer yet, but it definitely feels like it with the 90 degree temps.

Friday night we went to a Royals game and watched my Alma mater band play the Star Spangled Banner. We enjoyed the $1 peanuts and hotdogs, free fireworks display, and this lighted fountain. Actually, I think we enjoyed all of that more than watching the Royals lose.
On Saturday we walked around at the Zona Rosa shopping center for a while, but like the kid slashing in the fountain, we found it too hot to stay outside very long.
Sunday afternoon we beat the heat by going to the pool. Everyone else had the same idea too, but they were obviously having a good time.