Lovin’ the Playground

I’ve loved every stage of Lil’ Miss K’s life so far, but I’m really savoring this time. I can see the wheels turning as she thinks, learns, and explores more every day. She repeats words we recite to her all the time now. My favorites are “cracker” and “magnet” and “owl”. I’ve been taking her to the park near our house almost daily, but it has mulch, so it’s not easy for her to run around and play freely. (She likes to sit down and attempt to eat the wood chips.) The playground at the zoo however, is paradise. She had a blast! The slide is her favorite.

IMG_5607 copy

IMG_5612 copy

IMG_5626 copy

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Photo of the Day: Monkey Hands

Monkey bars were most definitely not my favorite piece of playground equipment growing up. In fact, I couldn’t even hold myself up to make my way across them. A couple of days ago, my husband and I took a moment on our walk to play on the monkey bars at a nearby park since there were no kids in sight. Much to my satisfaction, I can now monkey across them. (Is that the right verbiage?)

Crossing the monkey bars