Home, Sick

Lil’ Miss K had to stay home sick a few days ago with a sinus infection. It was one of those days where she stayed in her pajamas most of the day, and I gave her some screen time. The only shows she has ever sat still for are Max the Glow Train and Little Baby Bum videos on YouTube. We felt her forehead so often, she learned to feel Daddy’s too. She had enough energy to play peek-a-boo in the kitchen cabinets, though!

IMG_2850 copy

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Photos of the Day: Simple Play

Sometimes we just need to hang out at home. Lil’ Miss K and I had the best time just hanging out in her room a couple of days ago. She loves to close the door, wait for me to ask where she is, and burst in to “surprise” me! She also enjoys playing with toys that have been hidden away in her toy box for a while, even if she is getting a bit to old for them. Oh, how i love this girl.

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Photo(s) of the Day: Lil’ Miss K Around the House

Last weekend we were snowed/ice in (or at least we were advised by family not to make the 3-hour drive to visit during poor road conditions). It was a blessing in disguise. Lil’ Miss K was sick with her fifth ear infection, so I was glad we were home rather than on the road. And it was a rare treat to get an entire weekend to play at home. It’s fun watching her explore and learn. I can just see those little wheels in her brain turning. As an added bonus: snow on the ground = bright outside = nice indoor lighting!

(By the way, she will be getting tubes in the near future. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom about tubes, please let me know. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.)

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Photo of the Day: Monkey Hands

Monkey bars were most definitely not my favorite piece of playground equipment growing up. In fact, I couldn’t even hold myself up to make my way across them. A couple of days ago, my husband and I took a moment on our walk to play on the monkey bars at a nearby park since there were no kids in sight. Much to my satisfaction, I can now monkey across them. (Is that the right verbiage?)

Crossing the monkey bars

Project 52 Week 7: Cheap Entertainment

My cat Esme’s new favorite toy is a milk ring. She will play fetch with it over, and over, and over. And over again. She also loves to hide it under rugs and dig it back out. Eventually she chews it up, but once the milk’s gone, she always has a new free toy! Cheap entertainment for her – and for us.

Esme and my husband playing with her favorite toy.

Day 106: Speed Demon

We spent yesterday evening hanging out with my cousins and their kiddos. Kids are so photogenic, so it was really hard to pick out a favorite photo. I chose this one because I love Taylor’s facial expression as she flies down the driveway on her trike.

Canon 60d
1/50 sec., f/5.0, ISO 640
18-200 mm lens (50 mm), natural light