Sound of Music Themed Birthday

I posted photos of my daughter’s fifth birthday last week, but just in case any of you have children who love Sound of Music, I wanted to share a post of some of the fun, simple ways I incorporated the theme. While this is hardly a Pinterest-worthy party, I couldn’t exactly find a lot of ideas out there, either. Forewarning: Despite my better judgement, I did pull movie images from the internet.

IMG_3613 copy
Of course we had to have “jam and bread” to make peanut butter and jelly! We also had other sandwich stuff.
IMG_3616 copy
I didn’t think she’d go for schnitzel, so we just had basic pasta salad “noodles.”
IMG_3617 copy
Most of the other food qualified as “a few of her favorite things.”
52602935_10218937009485021_8910831660476399616_o copy
The birthday girl is obsessed with Gretel – the youngest character. She wore a flower girls dress, which looks a lot like Gretel’s dress from So Long, Farewell. We do not get fancy with our cakes. I designed an image for the grocery store to print on a frosting sheet to put on top of a 9×13 cake. Then, we let her shape some fondant mountains and cut out little cardboard characters for her to place on the round cake. The best part wasn’t the overall design, but the fact that she took pride in helping make her cake.
IMG_3691 copy
A simple pennant with some of the movie scenes
IMG_3724 copy
We had to have “crisp apple strudel”, of course! I found an easy recipe, and it was delicious! Half of our family had to come the weekend after her birthday party due to winter weather, so we made this at the second celebration.
IMG_3702 copy
My cousin made this gorgeous Gretel dress for her, which she wore at her second celebration! (Again, the weather hindered us getting it in time for her original party.) She loved it so much she wore it two days in a row before we made her take it off to wash it.
52597964_10218937005164913_6706793261807173632_n copy
We copied the Sound of Music logo and turned it into coloring pages. This served two purposes – she got to help with the decorations for her own party, and she included them in the favor bags for her little friends party.
20190206_195226 copy
To create less work for myself, I carried the Sound of Music theme into her friends party, too. She invited 5 of her friends from school to meet at a frozen yogurt place, so I just brought some of the decorations, and she helped me create these favor bags. The “brown paper packages tied up with strings” included her favorite things: coloring pages, crayons, boxed macaroni, fruit cups, and chocolate!

Happiness on a wall

I posted an Instagram photo last night of my husband helping me hang frames. Around Christmas we did some rearranging, which left a big open wall with a lonely off-center clock. I had a dream of making a photo wall, but with people coming over for Lil’ Miss K’s 2nd birthday party this coming weekend, I suddenly got motivated to make it happen. After lots of “pinspiration,” I decided to use a few pieces I already had and purchase a few new pieces as well. I had bought the small 4×6 frames on clearance probably a year ago, and I had the metal Kansas City skyline hanging in our kitchen. I liked the clock on that wall, so I decided to integrate it with the art.

IMG_3390 copy

This past weekend we visited Kansas City’s First Fridays antiques sales in the West Bottoms, and I found two pieces perfect for my photo wall – the “Home is where the heart is” wood panel, and the big open frame.

IMG_3379 copy

I completed the photo wall with a trip to Michael’s on Sunday, where I struck gold with tons of options for letters (40% off!), ampersands, and more clearance frames. The “R” marquee lights up, but I forgot to turn it on for the photo.

IMG_3381 copy

IMG_3382 copy

Finally, I sorted through some of our favorite vacation photos and settled on prints of Glacier National Park, Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain National Park. To arrange the art on the wall, I first laid it out on the floor, then cut newspaper to fit the size of the frames and it them to the wall to make sure everything was arranged how I wanted. That step was critical in my mind. From that point, we just lined up the holes and nailed right through the newspaper – super easy! I’m so happy with the final product – I smile every time I see it.

IMG_3389 copy