Springtime at the Zoo

We recently made our first trip of the season to the zoo! We went first thing on a rainy, dreary Friday morning, thinking it wouldn’t be crowded at all. We were wrong! There were tons of school groups there. But we still enjoyed ourselves – spring and fall are by far the best times to visit the zoo. The animals were so active! We got to see two monkeys jumping furiously from branch to branch chasing each other for several minutes, and my favorite moment was when Lil’ Miss K walked up to the glass at the penguin exhibit and the penguins immediately hopped out of the water and waddled over to check her out. We have season passes to the zoo, so we’ll be back several times this year.

IMG_5578 copy

IMG_5593 copy

IMG_5629 copy

IMG_5641 copy

IMG_5648 copy


Day 268: A trip to the zoo!

I have friends who are on a mission trip in Mozambique, Africa. When they first arrived a few days ago, they got to go on an African Safari where they saw all kinds of wild animals. As much as I’d love to be with them, this is the closest I’ll get for now – a trip to “Africa” and other part of the world at the Kansas City Zoo. Here are my top five favorite photos of the day. Which one is your favorite?

An elephant marches toward its food.
A lazy gorilla basks in the sunlight.
A lemur poses perfectly for my photo.
Two baboons look on at something with interest.
This bird, maybe some kind of parrot(?), nibbles at a clover.