Photo of the Day: The Next Home Project

Last weekend we took on another fairly large home project – staining our deck. The previous homeowners had neglected it – the stain had wore off on the horizontal surfaces, and the wood was peeling horribly. After several hours of cleaning, power washing, and sanding, we were finally ready. It was pushing 100 degrees last weekend, so we got up early and spent both Saturday and Sunday morning staining. The finished product – Redwood Natural semi-transparent – turned out quite nice, if you ask me.

Project 52 Week 35: Faces of Innocence

We had a big family get together at my parents’ house this weekend, using my cousin’s 30th birthday as a great excuse to hang out. With 10 little ones in the family, we were grateful for a gorgeous day so we could play outside. As usual, I couldn’t pick one favorite photo. All of my cousins are so cute!

Baby Samantha, 3 months old, likes to stare me down. (Maybe it’s the camera.)
Blake, 1 1/2 years old, was my buddy for the day.
Izac always looks like he is pondering something.
Emily loves to climb and dangle from trees, reminding me of a monkey.

Day 251: Perfect Day

Yesterday’s outdoor temps were perfect, so we opened up the doors and windows after work and sat outside to eat our grilled burgers and steamy corn on the cob. During dinner I casually mentioned that if we lived in Hawaii, we’d have weather like this everyday. Jerod replied that he would be perfectly fine with moving to Hawaii. Now if we could get all of our family and friends to move with us?

A steamy ear of corn, along with a burger and a baked potato, make for a perfect outdoor meal.

Days 99-100: A warm, relaxing weekend

I think we jumped straight from winter to summer in the last few days. I absolutely loved spending so much time outside this weekend. We rode bikes, grilled, enjoyed a couple meals on the patio, and hung out with friends – all outdoors!

A perfect combination for our enchiladas Saturday evening

Canon 60d
1/250 sec., f/4.5, ISO 100
18-200 mm lens (50 mm), natural light

Starting up our mini grill for hamburgers on Sunday

Canon 60d
1/250 sec., f/4.0, ISO 100
18-200 mm lens (35 mm)