Photo of the Day: Before and After

These photos may not win any photography awards, but I wanted to show you the before and after pictures of our backyard. When we moved into our house in March, our backyard was a mud pit. The previous homeowners had a large dog, and everyone told us we wouldn’t get grass to grow under the shady spots. After a few hard-working days breaking up the ground, laying seed, watching it wash away in a storm, re-breaking up the ground and laying seed, laying straw, and watering, we’re pretty happy with the end result. Next we need to tackle a few bare spots and the random crab grass and weeds. Any suggestions?


Days 111-112: Mother Earth Needs a Good Cry

Happy Earth Day! I don’t have any bright and colorful nature photos since the last two days have been rainy.

All the gas we use and the toxins we emit each day must make “Mother Earth” weep. Filling up Jerod’s two-door car for $48 on Thursday made me want to cry, too.

1/100 sec., f/4.0, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (32 mm), natural light

I watched the ducks near our apartment play in the muddy rain puddles this morning. They seemed to enjoy it, but they also enjoyed a thorough cleaning afterward.

1/60 sec., f/5.6, ISO 400
18-200 mm lens (170 mm), natural light