Day 354: O Christmas Tree

I’m one of “those people.” I believe that you don’t need all white lights and red ornaments to have a pretty Christmas tree. I love our “fat little tree,” as my  husband calls it, with all its colorful lights and mismatched ornaments. For those of you who don’t like colored lights, I’ve also included a black and white image.

Our bright, colorful, and "real" Christmas tree.
Christmas tree photos can look gorgeous in black and white, too. There's much more to it than bright lights; look at all the texture and contrast.

Day 341: Blue Moon

On my way to work yesterday morning I saw a giant military airplane sitting at our tiny downtown airport. I was hoping it would still be there on my way home; it would be the perfect photo for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. My husband got to see the plane from his office window as it took off later that morning. “It was hard to miss,” he said. “It pretty much took up the entire window.” If only I had left my camera with him! When trying to figure out what else to take a photo of on my way home, I  noticed the bright moon and cloud formations around it. So I present to you my second-choice photo.

The moon lights up the downtown sky on my way home.