Lesson in Photography | Natural Light

If you wonder why I only book portrait sessions at the beginning or end of the day – this is why. We squeezed in a visit to Grinter Farms last week between church and lunch, which was unfortunately right around noon – the worst possible time of day to take outdoor photos. Notice the sun beating down on us, the awful shadows on our faces, and the squinty eyes? The “golden hour” right before sunset or right after sunrise is the best time for natural light. I will say I’m still happy we got to visit this huge, beautiful sunflower field. Next year we’ll be sure to visit much earlier or later in the day so I can get even better photos.

IMG_8846 copy
Thanks to Bobby for taking this photo.
IMG_8859 copy
Our friends Brandi, Lil’ W, and Bobby

Photo(s) of the Day: Water Baby

Lil’ Miss K is currently taking an “Aquatots” swim class at our community center. I was a little taken aback that in the first five minutes of the first swim lesson, I had to dunk her underwater! But she’s doing great – she doesn’t mind going under or lying on her back, and she loves “jumping” off the side. I can’t wait to take her to the pool this summer!

IMG_5494 copy

IMG_5509 copy

IMG_5518 copy

IMG_5525 copy