Day 12: Speaking of Icicles…

On Tuesday there was one icicle about 3 inches long hanging from this roof at work. This was the scene the following day. They were dripping a lot throughout the day, but it’s hard to say if they were melting or growing.

Side note: I’m already learning from this 365 day project. I’ve learned that I don’t always like the aperture open as far as it will go. Looking back, I think this photo would’ve looked better if all the icicles were in focus, not just those in front. What do you think?


Day 11: Snow is Here to Stay

I didn’t spend much time outside in the sub-zero temperatures yesterday, so I just snapped a few quick pictures of the pretty snow outside my work. The icicles that started forming in the morning got much bigger throughout the day – it was interesting to watch them grow.