Day 326: Seven Days of Thankfulness (Day 2)

I am so grateful for my little immediate family: my husband and my cat. My cat Esme is sweet, loving, and playful. My husband Jerod is sweet, loving, and playful too … and so much more. He forgives me every time I mess up, and he loves me even when I may not deserve it. I’m a lucky lady.

Esme rests on my husband's lap, eager for some love and attention.

Day 287: A Light in the Dark

Yesterday I was stressed out about my long to-do list. When I got home late from church after loading the sermon slides on the computer, I found my husband vacuuming. He had already taken out the trash, cleaned the cat box, and done laundry. When he asked me what else he could do to help, I replied, “Take a photo for me.” So he enthusiastically grabbed my camera and showed me photos of the moon that he had taken earlier. He was sincere about using his photo on my blog so I didn’t have to worry about one more thing.

Jerod's photo of the moon.

As much as I wanted to cheat and use his photo, at 10:07 p.m. this is the photo I came up with. I think I like his better. Some days when I’m feeling down, he’s my light in the dark.

My photo of a fall candle.

Day 209: Laundry Shmaundry

This is my husband doing his all-time favorite chore. Lucky for him, he just had to pose for the photo. I actually did the laundry while he, as usual, worked on homework.

A unique view-point of Jerod doing laundry.