Photo(s) of the Day: BFFs

This weekend we were thrilled to have good friends from Colorado stay with us. The best part … they have a son (whom I’ve nicknamed Lil’ W) just two days older than Baby K! Is it destiny? We’ll see in about three decades – the daddies have agreed they can start dating when they’re 30. I guess they haven’t noticed Lil’ W is already making a move on Baby K!

Lil’ W and Baby K tuckered out from a wedding

A little friendly tummy time competition (Lil’ W won)

Early morning cuddles

Daddy, you better look the other way!

Day 220: Little Hands of Hope

Yesterday I helped out with a photography project for the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Kansas City. One of my coworkers brought her adorable daughters to work for a mini photo shoot. I pray that my job at the American Cancer Society will eventually lead us to a world where these girls will never have to worry about cancer.

We are the future. We are hope. These little hands will be used in an upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer presentation.

Day 163: Helping Hands

I noticed these perfect hand prints on our bed as Jerod helped me change the sheets yesterday. What’s your feedback … is it a creative photo, or is it just hard to tell what’s going on?

Jerod's hand prints on our bed.