Miss M | One Month Old

I can’t believe my baby girl is already a month old…and I have to start thinking about work in a week and a half. *Insert sad face.* But oh my, how she’s grown! She is gaining weight much faster than Lil’ Miss K did (who had reflux and a milk protein allergy) – I think she looks like K’s size at two months! She doesn’t even feel like a newborn when I hold her anymore. *Insert another sad face.*

Here are her first comparison photos that I plan to do each month.

IMG_4478 copy
Two days old
IMG_4800 copy
One month old
IMG_4543 copy
Six days old
IMG_4770 copy
One month old

Photo of the Day: The Month Flew By

It’s hard to believe my baby is already one month old. These past four weeks have flown by; it’s amazing how much life has changed. Caring for her day-to-day, it was hard to see how much she’s changed, until I went back and looked at her newborn photo below. I’m going to do these photos on a monthly basis to show how she grows.

Baby K, one month old
Baby K, four days old


Day 234: Growth Spurt

It’s hard to believe I’ve already had my turtles for six years. When I got them, they were the size of a quarter. Ever since then they’ve been growing … and growing … and growing. If you look at the details in Michelangelo’s shell, you can see how it grows. In fact, he has just started shedding his shell. Yet again. Some day we’ll have to build a pond in our backyard for them.

My red-eared slider turtle, Michelangelo's shell.